Santa Fe Springs Art Fest - April 25 & 26!

Thursday and Friday, April 25 & 26, 2024

Tattoo Heritage Project Joins Santa Fe Springs Art Fest! 

Poster Artwork by Andrew Lopez, @lopez.la_


Art Exhibition, “From The Pike, to East L.A. and Beyond.” 
Tattooing and its Journey in Los Angeles, it's Innovative Influence that has Impacted the World.


Heritage Park
12100 Mora Drive
Santa Fe Springs, CA.  90670
Tickets: General Admission, $10


Event Schedule:
Thursday, April 25th 5pm - 9pm
Live Tattooing in Body Art Bus
7pm - Body Suit Runway, curated by Lucky Bastard @lucky_bastard_ftw
Live Painting with Johnny Quintana @Johnny_Quintana
Johnny Quintana
Friday, April 26  3pm - 11pm
Live Tattooing in Body Art Bus
Panel Discussions, Hosted by Corey Miller
7pm Panel discussions and Q&A with Good Time Charlie @GTC_Tattooman, Jack Rudy @J_Rudy_GTC, Freddy Negrete @Freddy_Negrete, Kari Barba @karibarbatattoo, Corey Miller @Coreymillertattoo, Louie P3 @Louie_Perez_3,
Panel Moderated by Josh Chesler @JC_Chesler
(Photo of Charlie and Jack courtesy of Adriana, Tattoo Journalist)
Live Painting with Big Sleeps @bigsleeps
Big Sleeps



Curated by Paul “Paw” Barrientos @paintnhope and Tyler Kinnaman @tylerkinnaman, in partnership with Tattoo Heritage Project @Tattoo_Heritage_Project and Lucky Bastard @lucky_bastard_ftw
 Special Artifacts curated by Chuey Quintanar @chueyquintanar, Pike Exhibit curated by Kari Barba @karibarba and @outerlimitstattoo



This year’s Santa Fe Springs Art Fest curators and Los Angeles based Tattoo Artists, Paul “Paw” Barrientos and Tyler Kinnaman present a journey through Southern California’s Tattoo history milestones and its culturally driven symbolism, both of which (for well over a century), have influenced tattooing all over the world. In partnership with the recently formed nonprofit, Tattoo Heritage Project, the diverse exhibit aims to educate Los Angelenos about the county’s rich history and influence in the art of Tattoo. 


The multi-faceted presentation “From the Pike to East L.A. and Beyond” includes an art exhibition joined by superstar Tattooers including Big Sleeps, Johnny Quintana, Louie Perez 3, Kasper, and more participating in an exploration of new interpretations of Chicano Symbolism in tattooing. A history photo presentation of The Pike will also be presented, curated by legendary Tattoo artist Kari Barba, who currently owns the oldest continuously working tattoo shop in America, located in our very own Long Beach, CA. 


Live Tattooing will also be present, father, son, and daughter Antonio, Xiucoatl and Mina Mejia, will be accepting walk-ups in the onsite mobile tattoo shop, Body Art Bus.  



Also representing how Tattooing subject matter and symbolism translates into other mediums, Tattoo artists Johnny Quintana and Big Sleeps will be onsite with a live painting exhibition, and displaying their work as it translates onto canvas. 


The highlight of this event is a panel discussion featuring Tattoo Legends Good Time Charlie, Jack Rudy, Freddy Negrete, and Kari Barba, who will be joined by other contemporary Tattoo Artists to talk about preserving history, making history, and the future of Tattooing. The panel’s legends Charlie, Jack and Kari have also founded the nonprofit, Tattoo Heritage Project a 501(c)(3), an organization who’s primary goal is to help establish the First National Tattoo Art Museum, to be located in Long Beach, CA., in honor of the city’s rich history in supporting the art of Tattooing. 

Good Time Charlie        Kari Barba                Jack Rudy           Freddy Negrete


When asked why Santa Fe Springs ArtFest created such a big space in their multimedia art exhibit for Tattooing, L.A. Arts Commissioner and Art Fest consultant, Sandra Hahn replied, “There is no doubt Tattooing is a visual art, and we at Art Fest always like to include a selection of diverse disciplines, and the history is important to the art form.” 


No doubt this year’s curators of the Tattoo exhibit are dedicated to supporting their art forms roots. Tyler, when asked why is it important to have a dedicated museum for Tattooing replied, “The true magic of tattooing lives within the traditions and knowledge passed down. I think it’s important to preserve as much of the history as we can and be grateful for the people that made it possible for us to tattoo today.” Paul added “It’s really important for me to help assist the pioneers of our industry accomplish their goals, and continue to shine the spotlight on their accomplishments for the world to see.” 


The Tattoo Heritage Project, 501(c)(3) was formed in 2021 by Founders Good Time Charlie Cartwright, Jack Rudy, Kari Barba, Corey Miller, Chuey Quintanar and JD Crowe, all Tattoo Artists with an interest in creating an organization that is a collaborator and catalyst for the education and preservation of American Tattoo Art and History. The organization’s current goal is to establish the First National Tattoo Art Museum, to be located in Long Beach, CA. 


To learn more about the Tattoo Heritage Project and for interview requests, contact: 
Kimiko Tokita at or (805)217-0556.
IG: tattoo_heritage_project
Lots of News Coming, New Board Members, New Projects, 
A glimpse is here:



More Event Announcements coming, stay tuned, share this post, and follow us for more news on this event and what’s coming - Come Be Part of Tattoo History! 

IG: @tattoo_heritage_project






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