Q: Is my purchase Tax Deductible? 

A. All purchases are tax deductible, but have different levels.

Any donations that include merchandise are deductible after the retail value of merchandise. 

All financial contributions (without physical merchandise attached) are 100% deductible.

We will provide you with a tax receipt within two days of accepting contribution. 

Any questions, email TattooHeritageProject@gmail.com


Q: All Merchandise orders are considered a presale. When can I expect to receive my merch? 

A. Donations with merchandise included are part of a pre-sale. Since our organization is starting at zero dollars, we are taking pre-orders a month in advance (Aug 20, - Sept 20, 2021). We will then submit order to produce merchandise based on our pre-order. Estimated shipping is time approximately three weeks after Sept 20 cut off date, and we expect to begin shipping all merchandise by Oct 15, 2021.  

Thank you in advance for your early support and patience! 


Q: How can I help and/or volunteer?

A: We are open to all ideas and suggestions. Email us at TattooHeritageProject@gmail.com. 


Q: I have inquired in the past, do I need to follow up again?

A: We have received your inquiry and we are sorry for the delay. We have been working on the official launch, and you should hear back from us very shortly. Thank you for your early interest (and, again, patience) while we roll out the official launch of the nonprofit. 


Q: What is the documentary-series all about? 

We are working on a project to create short video documentaries on past tattoo artists who have influenced current tattoo artists.

We have been working on submitting grants to help offset the cost of filming and  are also accepting donations to help with filming.

If we aren't able to reach out goals for filming in an 18 month span (Aug 2021 - Feb 2023), your donation will be returned to you, unless you specify you'd like to put your contributions to other Tattoo Heritage Project programs. There are some tax deduction issues that may pop up because of the delay, so if this is a concern please email us before contributing to the film project. 


Q: What if you don't raise enough money to establish a museum? 

A: If we are not able to raise enough funds to open a museum in Long Beach, CA, your donations will go to existing tattoo history museums in the United States. Our ultimate goal is to support tattoo history and those who are helping preserve it. Those museums must be 501(c)(3) organizations.

If you have a tattoo history museum established, contact us at tattooheritageproject@gmail.com, and we will send you more information about how we may support you in the future. 


Q: How much does Tattoo Heritage Project need to raise? 

A: We currently need to raise $2,000,000 in order to open the museum's doors. We would like to ensure we have enough start up capital to keep the doors up, while we develop. Ideally, we are looking open a 10,000-30,000 sq ft space, that will host community events and many interactive exhibits. 

By selling just 30,000 ($75) shirts and/or mugs packages, we will reach this goal! $45 of the $75 package is tax deductible. 


Q. Can I talk to a live person? 

A. Yes, we definitely want to hear from you, and are open to brainstorming. This is your art history project, we welcome your input, ideas and suggestions. Email tattooheritageproject@gmail.com to set up an appointment for a conversation.