• Sullen Clothing Fundraiser

    Sullen Clothing is Curating $300 Max Charity Art Show Video Details:   Mess...
  • Classic Tattoo Round-Up May 20 and 21, 2022

    Houston Tattoo Artist, Gabriel Massey, is leading the charge to help raise funds to establish the first National Tattoo History Museum in the U.S. 


    Massey has done so by organizing the upcoming “Classic Tattoo Round-Up” fundraiser event, where he, along with 26 other Houston based Tattoo Artists, will spend a full day tattooing their own Traditional Art inspired (and original) designs, donating 50% of their income to the cause. The original flash artwork will also be raffled off, with 100% of the proceeds going to support the National Tattoo History Museum. 

  • Good Time Charlie Launches Fundraiser for Tattoo History Museum, Honoring The Pike's Tattoo Legacy

    Good Time Charlie Raising Funds for Tattoo History Museum
  • American Tattoo History Preservation

    Mission Statement     The Tattoo Heritage Project is dedicated to preserving and documenting American Tattoo history, to honor and support the...
  • Tattoo Heritage Docu-series

    TATTOO HERITAGE PROJECT DOCU-SERIES TREATMENT Tattoo Heritage Project  The History of American Tattoo Artists   Format of Show: Docu-series 30...
  • Let's Build an American Tattoo History Museum in Long Beach, CA!

    The Tattoo Heritage Project a 501(c)(3), founded by legendary tattoo artist, Good Time Charlie (GTC), is dedicated to preserving and documenting Am...