Tattoo Heritage Docu-series

Tattoo Heritage Project 
The History of American Tattoo Artists


Format of Show: Docu-series 30-45 minute video series. 

Today's leading Tattoo Artists pay tribute to their art form's forefathers, by co-writing video segments dedicated to those who have paved the way for the art of Tattooing. A once controversial and sometimes misunderstood art form, now a widely respected and celebrated form of expression. 

Current Tattoo Artists co-write video segments dedicated to a legendary Tattoo Artist of their choice, one who has inspired them to explore the art of Tattoo.

This series has been created to support the Tattoo Heritage Project, a non profit 502 (c)(3) who's mission is to preserve America's Tattoo history, with the goal of supporting a museum, preserving Tattoo history, and archiving today’s current top tattoo artists themselves. 

Tattoo Heritage Project Docu-series is produced by Good Time Charlie Cartwright (GTC), who has been tattooing since 1955, and is known as the founder of black and gray style (the parent to photo realism you see today). 

With the help of GTC, and a production crew, each artist will research and conduct on camera interviews with those who know the story best, including those who knew the legend first hand. 

This generation of American Tattoo artists served sailors and military men, ruthless outlaws, as well as the unsuspecting (and discreet) next door neighbor.

Tattoos back then were only for a few, and generally frowned on, these forward thinking artists not only helped permanently archive a person's deep commitment, they witnessed perhaps the widest scope of humanity, front and center. 

More importantly, these independent, free thinking creators lived their lives like their profession, true to their own ideals and no other. 


For more information about the docuseries and how you can participate, email


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  • Chingonisimo! Una buena forma de preservar la historia del tatuaje en hora buena!!

    Sergio Reynoso

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